5 WordPress mistakes that will cost you

5 WordPress mistakes that will cost you

There are many WordPress mistakes that can ultimately cost you in the end if you don’t do anything about them now, below are 5 common mistakes that are costing your customers, repeat business and profit.

These mistakes are sure to cost you, so be careful and try to avoid these issues before they even come up. When using WordPress it’s better to understand how to install a theme or plugin or do a backup regularly before it all goes wrong. 

1. Installing themes and plugins from untrustworthy sources

This is a favorite hacker technique. One of the most common ways of this happening is installing free themes or plugins. Despite the fact that they don’t cost anything, there will be other costs incurred in the long run.

Stick to reliable sources. This starts with the WordPress directory, where you can find free WordPress themes and plugins that have all been tested for quality and security.

In addition to that, there are several third-party vendors that are trustworthy. The following list can be useful when searching for WordPress themes and plugins. In the meantime, Google has also improved its ability to display reliable results. However, you should still exercise caution.

2. Failing to Back up Regularly

No site can be 100 percent secure, no matter how many security measures you take. Things happen for a variety of reasons, and not everything is in your control (such as your hosting environment).

That is why you should regularly make copies of your website so that you always have a backup in case something goes wrong, you can revert back to your original site.

To be extra cautious, implement your own backup solution if you are using a quality host that creates daily backups for you.

3. Using outdated versions, provides a bad user experience 

Making sure you keep your WordPress site updated might be one of the simplest WordPress mistakes to avoid. 

Maintaining your plugins is extremely critical, regardless of whether they are free from a WordPress repository or premium. Keeping them updated regularly can help you avoid security vulnerabilities.

You don’t want to bypass the latest features or risk problems with outdated code if a brand-new plugin or theme version is released. A newly released plugin or theme version is likely to include security fixes, improvements, and/or features.

It’s recommended that you only use plugins and themes compatible with the current core version of WordPress. Ultimately, find an alternative if you are using a plugin that is no longer maintained.

4. Not having a mobile or responsive site

As helpful as having a website is, having a mobile site is becoming increasingly essential. Accessing a website on your phone and not seeing it fully will unfortunately place you at a disadvantage. In addition, you’ll lose customers if your website isn’t mobile-friendly. Your business only suffers if it isn’t. 

In this rapidly changing world, if you cannot keep up with the changes, your business will not succeed. You can move your site to the mobile world by installing plugins such as WPtouch or by using a responsive design from the start. Using responsive designs, your website will look great on all devices, with regard to screen size.

5. Not optimizing images

When publishing something on WordPress, many people may be in a hurry to post immediately so that you almost forget to optimize your images. However, this is a downfall on your site. Big images slow down your website tremendously which affects the user experience. 

Optimize your images before uploading them onto your WordPress site this way you won’t forget to do it while on WordPress.You can use Adobe Photoshop and this will help ensure you save your images for the web.

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