Checklist to ensure your WordPress is secured

Checklist to ensure your WordPress is secured

WordPress Security Checklist 2022

Why is it important to secure your WordPress website?

Since WordPress is open-source, no one can control it. The upside is that anyone can easily publish a theme or plugin that can be used by thousands. The downside is that this freedom makes it difficult to secure the complex WordPress ecosystem.

Your customers share sensitive information with you when they join your website or buy from your online store, which is why you want your site to be secure. A secure WordPress site offers protection against cyberattacks and helps build trust between you and your customers.

The checklist below is to make sure your WordPress is secured. A website is very important for any business and to have it hacked and show either different prices, or to have something written on it with inaccurate information represented, could hurt your business tremendously which is why it is very important to keep it secured. Follow the steps below to make sure your website stays safe.

Security Checklist:

Core Website

Scanning your site is one of the most essential steps because it is what the customers see on your website.

  1. Scan for malware every day
  2. Backup your website
  3. Only use secure passwords
  4. Update your website

Themes and plugins

Themes and plugins are necessary but updating them is just as important.

  1. Keep themes and plugins up to date
  2. Remove unused themes and plugins
  3. Download and only use reputable sources


  1. Schedule weekly backups
  2. Make sure it’s protected
  3. Use a strong password

Administrative Panel

  1. Protect the folder wp-admin with a password
  2. Ensure WordPress is always up to date
  3. Ensure your WordPress admin section is SSL encrypted (you’ll need a certificate)

Hosting Provider

  • Select a reputable hosting provider
  • Only use SFTP or SSH to access your server

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